What is the best oil for facial rejuvenation

With age, the skin on the face sags, losing its elasticity, and the first mimic wrinkles appear. Since ancient times, women use essential oils to fight aging. In short, they are incense with a persistent smell. Essential oils have a healing effect, give vigor, rejuvenate the skin. The variety is enormous, and women over 40 are more often opted for oils that are specifically aimed at rejuvenating the skin on the face.

lemon oil

The fruit is used not only in food, but it is also widely used in cosmetology (in lotions, masks and creams), as it helps to preserve the youth and beauty of the facial skin. This valuable lemon oil is obtained from the rind. Before using the elixir, it must be mixed with two other types of natural oils (olive, avocado, coconut, rosehip). Suitable for all skin types, choosing the right ingredients for effectiveness is important.

lemon oil for skin rejuvenation

Lemon Elixir Mask

The recipe for a mask with a lemon elixir for rejuvenation contains: a baked apple, a large spoon of honey, olive oil and 4 drops of lemon. Grate the apple on a fine grater and mix with the other ingredients, apply, leave for 20 minutes and rinse with a warm herbal infusion.

Cocoa butter

Present in anti-aging creams, serums, masks. Its advantages are undeniable.

  1. First smooth the fine and deep wrinkles. Eliminates marks and scars left by acne, acne, boils. Freckles and age spots disappear with time.
  2. Protects the skin from the appearance of new inflammation in the form of acne.
  3. Cocoa butter creams activate skin cells to help rejuvenate the face.
  4. Cocoa Elixir saturates dead cells with moisture.
  5. It serves as a prevention of stretch marks.
  6. Heals post-burn injuries, cracked areas of skin with frostbite.
  7. Visibly improves elasticity and firmness.
  8. Gives the face a beautiful, even and healthy complexion.

cocoa butter mask

The recipe for a rejuvenating mask contains: a small spoonful of warm cocoa butter, any natural fruit juice, condensed milk. Apply the mask for 15 minutes and rinse with an infusion of herbs or water.

rejuvenating mask

The rejuvenation mask recipe contains: one yolk, one teaspoon of carrot juice, cocoa butter, liquid honey and 0. 5 small spoon of lemon juice. Apply for 15 minutes, rinse, rub face with an herbal ice cube.

Carrot Seed Elixir

It is the best anti-aging medicine for the body. Its advantages are as follows:

  • cleanses the face of toxins, toxins;
  • promotes anti-aging action;
  • regenerates, cleans the skin of keratinized particles;
  • smoothes and evens out scars, scars;
  • relieves inflammation, burning, itching;
  • protects against UV burns;
  • fixes summer tan;
  • protects against the formation of cancer cells.
carrot and carrot oil for skin rejuvenation

Mask with honey and carrot seed elixir

The rejuvenation recipe contains: 1 large spoon of liquid honey, 0, 5 small spoon of oil and 5 drops of carrot seeds. This mask is used to smooth, rejuvenate and smooth expression lines.

Anti-aging mask recipe

You will need ½ medium cucumber, grape seed essential oils, a large spoon and 4 drops of carrot seed. Grind all components in a blender and apply to clean skin for 15-20 minutes.

Rose essential oil

The advantages of this remedy:

  • restores uneven face contour;
  • smoothes the first wrinkles;
  • makes the skin more flexible and elastic;
  • acts as an anti-inflammatory agent;
  • helps even out scars and scars.
Rose essential oil for skin rejuvenation

Rejuvenating product with apricot rose base

You will need 20 grams. liquid honey, almond oil, vitamin E 1 capsule, pink apricot elixir 1 drop. Mix all components, hold on face for about 25-30 minutes, then rinse. Why is the apricot rose specified in the recipe? Yes, because it has the ability to smooth not only fine wrinkles, but also deep ones, it has been proven.


It is an essential oil with a woody aroma. Promotes smoothing of sagging, lightening freckles and age spots. Sandal tones blood vessels, nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

Recipe for rejuvenation with sandalwood

You will need essential elixirs: incense 3 drops, jojoba 16 ml, sandalwood 1 drop, vetiver ether 16 ml. Apply the mixture to the face and hold for 25 minutes. The product not only rejuvenates but also helps fight acne.

Neroli essential oil

Neroli, or bitter orange, is a real treat for facial rejuvenation.

girl with beautiful skin after rejuvenation with oils

Its advantages are that oil:

  • fights rosacea;
  • eliminates, cures microcracks, scratches and all types of skin damage;
  • tones tired and sluggish skin;
  • effectively smoothes out wrinkles;
  • accelerates cell regeneration.

neroli mask

The recipe for a facial skin rejuvenating mask includes: one drop each of neroli, lemon, pine, coconut, nutmeg oils, base on about 10 ml of your preferred essential agent.


Be sure to read the contraindications before starting to prepare the miraculous anti-aging masks.

If you are allergic, have an individual intolerance to aromatic oils or their different types, then you should stop using masks and other cosmetics based on cocoa elixir. Care should be taken when using products for oily skin type, as the oils themselves are oily and can only harm the skin, not that they have a positive effect.

It is important that the oils are applied diluted, not an elixir at all. This will quickly clog the pores, causing all kinds of inflammation. In addition, some essential aromatic agents are contraindicated in children; they are likely to be used only after the child is fully mature.